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OBJECTIVE The medullary R2 response of the blink reflex can be elicited by innocuous and noxious stimuli. The purpose of this study was to elicit a nociception specific R2 response with a new surface electrode. METHODS In 10 healthy subjects the blink reflex was elicited using a standard (10-15 mA) and a new concentric surface electrode type (0.6-1.6 mA)(More)
We present a series of seven migraine patients with typical features of a migraine attack without aura, but atypical pain localization in the face in one or both of the lower two distributions of the trigeminal nerve (V2 and V3). All of them responded well to triptans. Three patients responded to preventive treatment for migraine with beta-blockers (n = 2)(More)
INTRODUCTION We studied the association between stress intensity and headache frequency for tension-type headache (TTH), migraine and migraine with coexisting TTH (MigTTH). METHOD We studied a population-based sample of 5159 participants (21-71 years) who were asked quarterly between March 2010 and April 2012 about headache and stress. Log-linear(More)