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When little or no data directly comparing two treatments are available, investigators often rely on indirect comparisons from studies testing the treatments against a control or placebo. One approach to indirect comparison is to pool findings from the active treatment arms of the original controlled trials. This approach offers no advantage over a(More)
OBJECTIVE Metabolic changes caused by antiretroviral therapy (ART) may increase the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). We evaluated changes in the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors (CVRFs) and 10-year risk of CHD in a large cohort of HIV-infected individuals. METHODS All individuals from the Swiss HIV Cohort Study (SHCS) who completed at least(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the effect of supplemental calcium on blood pressure. DATA SOURCE We searched MEDLINE and EMBASE for 1996 to May 1994. We contacted authors of eligible trials to ensure accuracy and completeness of data and to identify unpublished trials. STUDY SELECTION We included any study in which investigators randomized people to calcium(More)
BACKGROUND Stroke is a leading cause of death in the industrialized world, and hypercholesterolemia may be a risk factor for stroke. OBJECTIVE To determine whether reducing cholesterol levels with HMGcoA (3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A) reductase inhibitors or other antilipidemic interventions reduces risk for nonfatal and fatal stroke. DATA(More)
We updated our previous systematic review of the effect of supplemental calcium on blood pressure. We extended our previous searches on MEDLINE and EMBASE to May 1997 and examined citations from relevant articles. We contacted the authors of eligible trials to ensure the accuracy and completeness of data, and to identify unpublished trials. We included any(More)
BACKGROUND This study was designed to determine the prognostic value of positive surgical resection margin or highest nodal station sampled at thoracotomy in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. METHODS Two reviewers independently examined the surgical records and pathologic reports from a randomized trial comparing computed tomography versus(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy of isoniazid for the prevention of tuberculosis in tuberculin skin test-positive and negative individuals with HIV infection. DESIGN Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. SETTING Seven trials from Mexico, Haiti, the United States, Zambia, Uganda and Kenya. PATIENTS Individuals free from tuberculosis, 2367(More)
Meta-analyses have investigated the efficacy of cholesterol-lowering interventions in relation to the underlying risk of coronary heart disease and the extent and duration of cholesterol reduction. We systematically reviewed the efficacy of antilipidemic interventions on major mortality outcomes in relation to drug classes. We searched MEDLINE and EMBASE(More)
Chronic subdural haematoma (CSDH) is a typical disease in elderly patients and encountered frequently in neurosurgical practice. With an increasing number of elderly people in the general population, there is a need to investigate risk factors (age, falls, anticoagulant or antithrombotic therapy) which could be pertinent to the development of this disease.(More)