Hazriq Izzuan Jaafar

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This paper presents development of an optimal PID controller for control of a nonlinear gantry crane system. An improved PSO algorithm based on a priority-based fitness approach is implemented for finding optimal PID parameters. The system dynamic model is derived using Lagrange equation. A combination of PID and PD controllers are utilized for position and(More)
— This paper proposed an application of Binary Particle Swarm Optimization in automatic classification of wood species. The images of wood species are taken from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia's CAIRO Wood Database which consists of 25 species. The features of the images are extracted using Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix. Then, Binary Particle Swarm(More)
  • Saipol Hadi Hasim, Amar Faiz, +13 authors M. N. Ayob
  • 2014
INTRODUCTION One of the main problem face by the timber-related industries that the cost for wood appraisal is increasing due to lack of expert workers in the field. Thus, the motivation to have an automatic classification of wood species is essential. Automatic classification of wood species is a well known process as many researches are working on this(More)
This paper presents development and implementation of an improved input shaping technique for nonlinear systems. In this work, a nonlinear 3 dimensional gantry crane is considered where a complete nonlinear mathematical model of a lab-scaled gantry crane with variable cable length is simulated. An improved scheme for implementation of Unity Magnitude - Zero(More)
— This paper presented a comparative study of the application of two Swarm Intelligence algorithms: Particle Swarm Optimization and Firefly Algorithm in automatic camera calibration problem. The fitness function used in the camera calibration problem is based on the Kruppa's equation. A case study from a dataset provided by Le2i Universite de Bourgoune is(More)
Electronic manufacturing sector uses computer numerical controlled machines for drilling holes. Most of the computer numerical controlled machines used nearest neighbour algorithm to plan the route for the drill bit to travel. Based on this motivation, this paper proposes an approach which is based on the experimentation of Magnetic Optimization Algorithm.(More)
Combinatorial logic circuit minimization is usually done using Karnaugh's Map or Boolean equation. This paper presents an application of Firefly Algorithm to design combinational logic circuit in which the objective function is to minimize the total number of gates used. Then, the algorithm is benchmarked with other literatures. Result indicates that it(More)
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