Hazim El-Mounayri

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A virtual training environment for a 3-axis CNC milling machine is presented. The key elements of the environment are: (a) textured 3D photo-realistic virtual models of the machines and lab; (b) machine simulator for the machines' controls and moving parts; (c) semi-empirical model of the machining operation; (d) hierarchical knowledge-base for process(More)
Jiang, Feifei. Ph.D., Purdue University, May 2015. Understanding Mechanical Environment Changes and Biological Responses to Canine Retraction Using T-loop. Major Professors: Jie Chen, School of Engineering and Technology, Anil Bajaj, School of Mechanical Engineering. Predictability of tooth displacement in response to specific orthodontic load system(More)
A web-based multimedia lecture delivery system is presented. The system provides natural-language instruction with synchronized: naturally sounding text-to-speech, written highlighted text, and animated 2D and 3D graphics. A nearphotorealistic animated human avatar can present the lecture with synchronized gestures and lip-synching. The course is presented(More)
A virtual manufacturing laboratory for educating students and practitioners on advanced manufacturing is proposed. The particular environment for simulating CNC milling is developed. The environment provides the following training functions for students: (a) access to a fully-functional virtual CNC milling machine (FADAL VMC 3016L), (b) training on the key(More)
In this paper, a developed three-dimensional Molecular Dynamics (MD) model for AFM-based nanomachining is applied to study mechanical indentation and scratching at the nanoscale. The correlation between the machining conditions, including applied force, depth, tip speed, and defect mechanism in substrate/workpiece is investigeted. The simulations of(More)
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