Hazem Radwan Ahmed

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This paper proposes a novel particle-swarm based approach for protein structure alignment and comparison. Applying heuristic search to discover similar protein substructure patterns can be easily trapped in certain regions of the sparse and challenging problem search space. Diversification, or restarting the heuristic search, is one of the common strategies(More)
Stagnation is a prevalent issue in many heuristic search algorithms, such as Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). PSO stagnation occurs when the rate of position changes (or velocities) that attract particles to the global best position approaches zero, potentially leading the swarm to being trapped in a local optimum, especially for deceptive multimodal(More)
Pattern discovery in protein interaction networks can reveal crucial biological knowledge on the inner workings of cellular machinery. Although far from complete, extracting meaningful patterns from proteomic networks is a non-trivial task due to their size-complexity. This paper proposes a computational framework to efficiently discover(More)
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