Hazem Mossad El-Tayeby

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Ankle reconstruction prior to limb lengthening for was performed in 13 patients with fibular hemimelia with complete radiological absence of the fibula (type II). There were different degrees of absence of metatarsal rays. The hindfoot deformity was a heel valgus in 12 patients and equinovarus in 1 patient. The patients' ages ranged from 9 to 26 months.(More)
PURPOSE To assess the clinical and radiological results of one-stage hip reconstruction for late neglected developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH) in children above 8 years of age. METHODS Nineteen hips in 16 patients, 14 females and two males (three being bilateral), were treated by open reduction adequate shortening (up to 5 cm) with derotation, and(More)
An interpositional arthroplasty is described as a long-lasting solution for Freiberg's infraction of the metatarsal head. The tendon of the extensor digitorum longus is used for adequate surfacing and as a spacer. The deformed head is remodelled down to healthy bone with bevelling of its volar aspect to provide a smooth weightbearing surface covered by(More)
The study included 18 patients (28 feet), between 4 and 14 years of age. Complete homogeneous correction of the neglected clubfoot was achieved by performing a trapezoid resection osteotomy from the cuboid bone after performing an extensive posteromedial soft-tissue release. The procedure did not sacrifice any articular cartilage and allowed realignment of(More)
The kyphoscoliotic type of the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS VIA) is a rare recessively inherited connective tissue disorder characterized by bruisable, hyperextensible skin, generalized joint laxity, severe muscular hypotonia at birth and progressive congenital scoliosis or kyphosis. Deficiency of the enzyme lysyl hydroxylase 1 (LH1) due to mutations in(More)
A combined procedure is described that addresses all the components at fault in the severely flexible flatfoot deformity in children. The Evans calcaneal distraction wedge osteotomy will lengthen the lateral column, correcting the heel valgus and forefoot abduction. A naviculo--first cuneiform wedge resection (medial and plantar) and fusion will shorten and(More)
PURPOSE To suggest different procedures tailored for hip reconstruction in type II late sequelae of septic arthritis. METHODS The severely deformed subluxated or dislocated femoral head is reshaped in accordance to radiographic and on-table assessment (osteochondroplasty). Sixteen hips in 13 patients (three bilateral) were the subject of this study. They(More)
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