Haywood M. Taylor

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A previously undescribed hemoglobin variant, hemoglobin Columbia Missouri, alpha 88 (F9) Ala----Val, was detected in a 22-year-old white man who was undergoing assessment for erythrocytosis. This new hemoglobin variant does not separate from hemoglobin A by electrophoresis in conventional media, by isoelectric focusing, or by electrophoresis of purified(More)
We have reviewed 58 cases of bone marrow granuloma at a single institution over a 20-year time span, and have summarized the available English literature. We conclude that bone marrow granulomas are an infrequent pathologic finding which, when found, require definition as to an underlying etiology. Undoubtedly, the illnesses associated with marrow granuloma(More)
Experiments are described in which it is shown that the estrogenic hormone (alpha-estradiol propionate) increases the amount of extracellular fluid in the skin. Since previous work showed that this hormone increases resistance of rabbits to vaccinia virus, it is suggested that the increased resistance is the result of increased fluid in the tissues. In(More)
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