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The use of Big Data in today’s world has become a necessity due to the massive number of technologies developed recently that keeps on providing us with data such as sensors, surveillance system and even smart phones and smart wearable devices they all tend to produce a lot of information that need to be analyzed and studied in details to provide us with(More)
Clickjacking attacks are emerging threats to websites of different sizes and shapes. They are particularly used by threat agents to get more likes and/or followers in Online Social Networks (OSNs). This paper reviews the clickjacking attacks and the classic solutions to tackle various forms of those attacks. Different approaches of Cross-Site Scripting(More)
  • CURRICULUM VITAE, Taha Abdelshafy, +12 authors H. Selim
  • 2013
commutative average grade: very good with honor's degree (82.3%). Ph.D Thesis: Security and prioritization in multiple access relay networks. M.Sc. Thesis: Adaptive orthogonal transforms and its applications in speech and image processing.
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