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Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms are among the most important research topics related to photovoltaic (PV) systems. Conventional MPPT methods yield effective results that are easy to perform under uniform irradiation conditions. However, as more than one local maxima is formed under partial shading conditions, these methods fall short of being(More)
– This study presents the low-level hardware implementation of conversions between fixed and floating-point number systems for FPGAs in a modular way. All given modules and experiments were evaluated in a user-friendly development environment called Quartus-II that it supports the ability of block and schematic design, time or functional-based simulation(More)
— The developed Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulation was used to evaluate the performance of the electrical machinery driver systems in some cases which are very difficult or impossible to be tested in laboratory environment. By using this simulation environment, Embedded Control Systems (ECS) can easily be tested in a practically, cheaply and unhazardous(More)
In this study, we introduce the use of one Artificial Immune System (AIS) algorithm called Clonal Selection Algorithm (CSA) in order to minimize the size of an Ordered Kronecker Functional Decision Diagram (OKFDD) which represents a Boolean function as a graph. The size of such a graph is a critical factor by reason of OKFDDs are used to derive circuits by(More)
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