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Detecting network intrusion has been not only important but also difficult in the network security research area. In Medical Sensor Network(MSN), network intrusion is critical because the data delivered through network is directly related to patients’ lives. Traditional supervised learning techniques are not appropriate to detect anomalous behaviors and new(More)
With the rapid development of wireless technologies, the need to support moving hosts of IPv6-based mobile networks in ubiquitous is growing. Various well-known approaches to optimising the handover latency have been proposed in the literature: MIPv6, FMIPv6, HMIPv6 and F-HMIPv6. However, these approaches are inefficient in packet loss, out-of order(More)
With advances in processor and wireless communication technologies, sensor networks will be used everywhere in the future life. Home networks are one of the good environments that sensor networks will be deployed. In sensor networks, many sensor devices detect various physical data and send them to the base station. In this paper, we present a sensor(More)
With the rapidly increasing demand of traffic applications, the need to support seamless multimedia services in the Vehicular Wireless Networks and Vehicular Intelligent Transportation Systems (V-WINET/V-ITS) is growing. Several mobility support protocols such as the Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) and the fast handover for the MIPv6 (FMIPv6) have been developed to(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a very attractive technique to support Ubiquitous Pervasive Computing(UPC) such as Medical Sensor Network (MSN) due to many merits such as compact form, low-power, and potential low cost. However, the more the sensor nodes exist, the more difficult the manager monitors sensor nodes individually, and faults of the sensing(More)
In recent years, electronic commerce and online social networks (OSNs) have experienced fast growth, and as a result, recommendation systems (RSs) have become extremely common. Accuracy and robustness are important performance indexes that characterize customized information or suggestions provided by RSs. However, nefarious users may be present, and they(More)