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The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of tibial lengthening using a reamed type intramedullary nail and an Ilizarov external fixator for the treatment of leg length discrepancy or short stature. This retrospective study was performed on 18 tibiae (13 patients) in which attempts were made to reduce complications. We used an Ilizarov external(More)
We evaluated the therapeutic effects of tamsulosin for women with non-neurogenic voiding dysfunction. Women who had voiding dysfunctions for at least 3 months were included. Inclusion criteria were age > or =18 yr, International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) of > or =15, and maximum flow rate (Q(max)) of > or =12 mL/sec and/or postvoid residuals (PVR) of >(More)
-- As the use of the internet increases, the distribution of web based malicious code has also vastly increased. By inputting malicious code that can attack vulnerabilities, it enables one to perform various illegal acts, such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS). Furthermore, an extensive amount of computer, network and human resources are(More)
Images are the most common contents on the Internet for a long time. Lots of researchers have been studied to satisfy user demands for semantic visual recognition using low-level feature (such as color or texture) or keywords which were textual annotations but still challenging. Keywords in images give great evidence to identify what images are. Keywords(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of desmopressin combined with anticholinergics on daytime frequency and urgency in female patients with overactive bladder (OAB). MATERIALS AND METHODS We included 68 female patients with OAB. Patients were randomly assigned to receive 5 mg of solifenacin (group I) or 5 mg of solifenacin and 0.2 mg(More)
Ontology is a description of the concepts and relationships that can exist for an agent or a community of agents. Ontologies are a key enabling technology for the Semantic Web. Previously, ontologies have been built manually by knowledge engineers using ontology editors. In this paper, we propose a semiautomatic ontology construction scheme for visual media(More)
Resistance to sodium carbonate extraction is regarded as a canonical way to distinguish integral membrane proteins (MPs) from other membrane-associated proteins. However, it has been observed that carbonate extraction releases some mitochondrial integral MPs. Here, by analyzing both artificially designed and native mitochondrial inner MPs containing(More)
This paper explores the interaction possibilities when artists use their non-dominant hand, while drawing with a pen in their dominant hand. We propose a new interactive AR-based pen tool which can overlay virtual images onto a physical drawing in real time. This system allows artists to control the augmented images with gestures of a non-dominant hand(More)
PURPOSE With the improved surgical techniques and immunosuppression available today, conventional prognostic factors have taken on less significance. Accordingly, the native renal function of the donor is thought to be more important. Thus, we analyzed the prognostic significance of the donor's renal function as assessed by 24-hour urine creatinine(More)
There are a lot of malicious codes on the internet and many research studies methods for detection of them. Generally, detection methods of malicious codes compare source codes through definition and analysis pattern of malicious codes. In this paper, proposed method is a malicious code detection using relations and concepts between codes pattern based on(More)