Hayo Brunken

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Improving the functional stability of shape memory alloys (SMAs), which undergo a reversible martensitic transformation, is critical for their applications and remains a central research theme driving advances in shape memory technology. By using a thin-film composition-spread technique and high-throughput characterization methods, the lattice parameters of(More)
We report on the stress-induced growth of Au microwires out of a surrounding Au-W matrix by selective oxidation, in view of a possible application as 'micro-Velcro'. The Au wires are extruded due to the high compressive stress in the tungsten oxide formed by oxidation of elemental W. The samples were fabricated as a thin-film materials library using(More)
Combinatorial magnetron sputter deposition from elemental targets was used to create Fe-B composition spread type thin film materials libraries on thermally oxidized 4-in. Si wafers. The materials libraries consisting of wedge-type multilayer thin films were annealed at 500 or 700 °C to transform the multilayers into multiphase alloys. The libraries were(More)
Routine blood typing of German Landrace pedigree populations and an earlier study revealed very low frequencies of the favourable alleles at the marker loci Phi, Pgd and H. The hypothesis was that in this population the whole linkage group of favourable alleles at the halothane and neighbouring marker loci may have been lost as a consequence of intense(More)
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