Haymo Kurz

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We introduce and discuss a new method for segmentation and classification of cells from 3D tissue probes. The anisotropic 3D volumetric data of fluorescent marked cell nuclei is recorded by a confo-cal laser scanning microscope (LSM). Voxel-wise gray scale features (see accompaning paper [1][2]), invariant towards 3D rotation of its neighborhood , are(More)
Fgf-8 encodes a secreted signaling molecule mediating key roles in embryonic patterning. This study analyzes the expression pattern, regulation, and function of this growth factor in the paraxial mesoderm of the avian embryo. In the mature somite, expression of Fgf-8 is restricted to a subpopulation of myotome cells, comprising most, but not all, epaxial(More)
We report on an enhanced computational framework for simulating flow-tissue interactions that significantly expands the capabilities of our previous model [1]. We adhere to the basic structural concept of the so-called intus-susceptive growth and remodeling which does not only generate capillaries and terminal vessels but also rebuilds them into a highly(More)
In the hippocampus, neurons and fiber projections are strictly organized in layers and supplied with oxygen via a vascular network that also develops layer-specific characteristics in wild-type mice, as shown in the present study for the first time in a quantitative manner. By contrast, in the reeler mutant, well known for its neuronal migration defects due(More)
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