Hayley James

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BACKGROUND Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is associated with the development of serious co-morbidities. Patients with CKD are encouraged to adhere to regimens to lower this risk. This study aimed to explore the experiences of patients attempting to integrate lifestyle changes into their lives. METHOD Face-to-face recorded interviews were conducted with nine(More)
Transition onto haemodialysis is a time of increased psychosocial difficulty, yet, many renal patients exhibit personal resilience in continuing to lead productive lives. Using a positive psychological methodology, this qualitative study aims to identify factors identified by patients as helpful in the transition onto haemodialysis. Semi-structured(More)
BACKGROUND Poor adherence to treatment is common in patients on hemodialysis which may increase risk for poor clinical outcomes and mortality. Self management interventions have been shown to be effective in improving compliance in other chronic populations. The aim of this trial is to evaluate the effectiveness of a recently developed group based self(More)
BACKGROUND Local cancer relapse risk after breast conservation surgery followed by radiotherapy has fallen sharply in many countries, and is influenced by patient age and clinicopathological factors. We hypothesise that partial-breast radiotherapy restricted to the vicinity of the original tumour in women at lower than average risk of local relapse will(More)
PURPOSE To establish planning solutions for a concomitant three-level radiation dose distribution to the breast using linear accelerator- or tomotherapy-based intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), for the U.K. Intensity Modulated and Partial Organ (IMPORT) High trial. METHODS AND MATERIALS Computed tomography data sets for 9 patients undergoing breast(More)
27 Aims: This study aimed to determine the psychosocial and appearance related 28 concerns of a sample of ophthalmic patients by measuring a range of 29 psychological, social and demographic factors. 30 Methods: Standardised psychological measures including anxiety, depression, 31 appearance related distress, self discrepancy, appearance salience and(More)