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To investigate the late effects of radiation to the head upon subclinical mental disorders, a psychiatric and psychometric evaluation was performed on 177 cases treated 10-29 years earlier for ringworm of the scalp by X-ray therapy (N :109) or, by chemotherapy (N :68). Analyses which controlled for educational level and family psychiatric disorders showed(More)
Raman spectroscopy has recently been applied ex vivo and in vivo to address various biomedical issues such as the early detection of cancers, monitoring of the effect of various agents on the skin, determination of atherosclerotic plaque composition, and rapid identification of pathogenic microorganisms. This leap in the number of applications and the(More)
The impact of violent video games (VVGs) on youth remains unclear given inconsistent results in past literature. Most previous experimental studies have been done with college students, not youth. The current study examined the impact of VVGs in an experimental study of teens (12–18). Participants were randomized to play either a violent or non-violent(More)
The number one reason for the removal of vertical motors from service is the failure of the bearing system. These systems can be much more complicated than those used in horizontal motors. This article addresses various bearing configurations for definite-purpose vertical motors, along with their various accessories. Issues associated with design(More)
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