Hayley Anne Hutchings

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BACKGROUND Health related quality of life (HRQL) has been recognised as an important paediatric outcome measurement. One of the more promising measures to emerge in recent years is the Pediatric Quality Of Life Inventory (PedsQL), developed in the US. Advantages of the PedsQL include brevity, availability of age appropriate versions and parallel forms for(More)
We compared allogeneic blood usage for two groups of patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery (TKR). Patients were randomized to receive either their post-operative wound drainage as an autotransfusion (n=115) after processing or to have this wound drainage discarded (n=116). Allogeneic blood was transfused in patients of either group whose(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the psychometric properties of a revised scale, named 'observing patient involvement in decision making' (OPTION), by analysing its reapplication to a sample of routine primary care consultations. The OPTION instrument assesses to what degree clinicians involve patients in decision making. DESIGN Cross-sectional assessment of medical(More)
BACKGROUND The risk factors for mortality following blunt chest wall trauma have neither been well established or summarised. OBJECTIVE To summarise the risk factors for mortality in blunt chest wall trauma patients based on available evidence in the literature. DATA SOURCES A systematic review of English and non-English articles using MEDLINE, EMBASE(More)
BACKGROUND The provision of adult critical-care facilities is not based on a rational or scientific assessment of need. We aimed to define the numbers of adult critical-care beds required for a population of 500000. METHODS In five hospitals in Wales, UK, we classified patients who might be suitable for critical care in intensive-care or high-dependency(More)
INTRODUCTION The availability of health-related quality of life (HRQL) measures that are reliable, valid, brief and comprehensible and appropriate for use with UK children is limited. We report the validation of a HRQL measure suitable for UK use in healthy children, children with chronic disease conditions and socially disadvantaged children. PATIENTS A(More)
AIM   To report on the development of a ranked thematic list encompassing the positive and challenging exemplars of patient-centred professionalism in community nursing. BACKGROUND   There has been little research exploring what 'patient-centred professionalism' means to those working within the healthcare settings. Consensus methods, such as those(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the voluntary suppression of cough in response to capsaicin inhalation in healthy volunteers, and to determine if the dose-response curve to capsaicin was significantly altered when volunteers were asked to suppress their cough response. The quantification of the degree of voluntary suppression of induced(More)
OBJECTIVE Blunt chest wall trauma is a common injury treated in the Emergency Departments and has a high reported morbidity and mortality. No national guidelines exist for the management of this patient group unless the patient has severe immediate life-threatening injuries. The aim of this study was to investigate current management of blunt chest wall(More)