Hayk Vardanyan

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We propose to use high precision monochromatic -'s from the unique two body mesonic weak decay of hypernuclei to investigate light -hypernuclei with a variety of (Z, A) combination through identification of hyperfragments from strongly produced hypernuclear continuum (quasi-free production) in (e, K +) electro-production. Technically, the combination of(More)
The OLYMPUS Collaboration reports on a precision measurement of the positron-proton to electron-proton elastic cross section ratio, R_{2γ}, a direct measure of the contribution of hard two-photon exchange to the elastic cross section. In the OLYMPUS measurement, 2.01 GeV electron and positron beams were directed through a hydrogen gas target internal to the(More)
We present a fast hardware photon correlator implemented in a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) combined with a compact confocal fluorescence setup. The correlator has two independent units with a time resolution of 4 ns while utilizing less than 15% of a low-end FPGA. The device directly accepts transistor-transistor logic (TTL) signals from two photon(More)
Diffusive radiation is a new type of radiation predicted to occur in randomly inhomogeneous media due to the multiple scattering of pseudophotons. This theoretical effect is now observed experimentally. The radiation is generated by the passage of electrons of energy 200 KeV-2.2 MeV through a random stack of films in the visible light region. The radiation(More)
I. Ropotar!,",*, E.-J. Buis#, F. Antinori$, D. Barberis%, K.H. Becks", H. Beker!, P. Burger&, M. Campbell!, E. Cantatore!, L. Casagrande', M.G. Catanesi), E. Chesi!, F. Corsi), S. D'Auria*, C. Da Via+, V. Danielyan,, G. Darbo%, D. Di Bari), S. Di Liberto-, B. van Eijk#, J. Elberich", G. Gagliardi%, R. Geppert., S. Gowdy/, C. GoK ssling0, E. Grigoriev1, T.(More)
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