Hayk Grigoryan

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—The broadcast time of a graph G, denoted b(G), is the minimum time necessary to complete the broadcasting in G, i.e. from one of vertices send a message to all other vertices. The Knödel graph W∆,n is a regular graph of even order and degree ∆ where 2 ≤ ∆ ≤ log 2 n. The broadcast time of the Knödel graph is known only for W ∆,2 ∆ and for W ∆−1,2 ∆−1. In(More)
The equivalence of processes is an important constituent of process optimization. The article considers the functional equivalence problem for processes in object-oriented environments for the case when the turn of executing operations for different objects is not essential. It is shown that this problem can be reduced to the equivalence problem of regular(More)
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