Hayet Migaw

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Metastatic tumors of the pituitary gland are not commonly diagnosed during life in cancer patients. The occurrence of symptomatic lesions is also very unusual and difficult to differentiate clinically and radiologically from pituitary adenomas. We report a case of pituitary metastasis which was the prime manifestation of a small cell lung carcinoma in a(More)
Hypophyseal tuberculoma is extremely rare. It may be confused with other more common sellar tumors such as adenomas. Characteristic, but not specific, radiological features are in the majority of cases: intense enhancement on contrast CT and thickening of the pituitary stalk better visible on MRI. We describe imaging findings in two patients with pituitary(More)
Primary liposarcoma of the lung is extremely rare. We report a 28-year-old pregnant woman who complained of dyspnoea during the third trimester. Chest radiography, thoracic ultrasound, CT and MRI showed a huge heterogeneous tumour involving all the left lung and the mediastinum. The tumour was composed of soft tissue, and fatty and cystic components with(More)
Pituitary is the most important gland of the organism which can be affected by many diseases, especially by adenomatous processes. Classically macroadenoma, microadenoma and picoadenoma are described, according to the size of the pituitary adenoma. The diagnosis of microadenoma was long considered a highly difficult task and that of picoadenoma was(More)
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