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Despite the growing use of nanofiber scaffolds for tissue engineering applications, there is not a validated, readily available, free solution for rapid, automated analysis of nanofiber diameter from scanning electron microscope (SEM) micrographs. Thus, the goal of this study was to create a user friendly ImageJ/FIJI plugin that would analyze SEM(More)
In our experience, accidents involving all-terrain vehicles are an increasingly frequent cause of brain injury in children. The risk associated with operation of these vehicles is not fully appreciated and should be better publicized. We believe that it is possible to delineate several steps that could significantly reduce the risk to the pediatric(More)
DiameterJ is an open source image analysis plugin for ImageJ. DiameterJ produces ten files for every image that it analyzes. These files include the images that were analyzed, the data to create histograms of fiber radius, pore size, fiber orientation, and summary statistics, as well as images to check the output of DiameterJ. DiameterJ was validated with(More)
The functional replacement of tendon represents an unmet clinical need in situations of tendon rupture, tendon grafting, and complex tendon reconstruction, as usually there is a finite source of healthy tendon to use as donors. The microfibrous architecture of tendon is critical to the function of tendon. This study investigates the use of electrospun(More)
We describe briefly the properties of the recently completed Southern African Large Telescope (SALT), along with its first light imager SALTICAM. Using this instrument, we present 4.3 hr of high speed unfiltered photometric observations of the eclipsing polar SDSSJ015543.40+002807.2 with time resolution as short as 112 ms, the highest quality observations(More)
Dentistry is a relatively new occupation for females in the RSA. Female dentists have particularly increased since 1975. Currently, approximately 11.4 per cent of the dental labour market consists of female dentists. Present student intakes indicate that the number of female dentists will increase to approximately 20.9 per cent within the next five years.(More)
The number of patients admitted to Intensive Care Units with organophosphate poisoning are a source of concern. Also distressing is the fact that organophosphates are often being used in suicide attempts. It is therefore imperative that the nurse acquires and retains the necessary skills for caring for these patients. The course of this condition and the(More)
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