Hayden Melton

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In order to increase our ability to use measurement to support software development practise we need to do more analysis of code. However, empirical studies of code are expensive and their results are difficult to compare. We describe the Qualitas Corpus, a large curated collection of open source Java systems. The corpus reduces the cost of performing large(More)
Large amounts of Java software have been written since the language's escape into unsuspecting software ecology more than ten years ago. Surprisingly little is known about the structure of Java programs in the wild: about the way methods are grouped into classes and then into packages, the way packages relate to each other, or the way inheritance and(More)
Advocates of the design principle avoid cyclic dependencies among modules have argued that cycles are detrimental to software quality attributes such as understandability, testability, reusability, buildability and maintainability, yet folklore suggests such cycles are common in real object-oriented systems. In this paper we present the first significant(More)
Package design is concerned with the determining the best way to partition the classes in a system into subsystems. A poor package design can adversely affect the quality of a software system. In this paper we present a new metric, Class Reachability Set Size (CRSS), the distribution of which can be used to determine if the relationships between the classes(More)
Inheritance is a crucial part of object-oriented programming, but its use in practice, and the resulting large-scale inheritance structures in programs, remain poorly understood. Previous studies of inheritance have been relatively small and have generally not considered issues such as Java’s distinction between classes and interfaces, nor have they(More)
1:30pm 3:00pm APCCM 1 Keynote ACSC 2 Software Engineering and Formal Methods ACE 1 AUIC 1 Augmented Reality ADC 1a Invited Talk AusGRID 1 Logic and Refinement for Charts Greg Reeve, Steve Reeves Up Close and Pedagogical: Computing Academics Talk About Teaching C. Kutay, R. Lister Evaluation of User Satisfaction and Learnability for Outdoor Augmented Reality(More)
Over the years many guidelines have been offered as to how to achieve good quality designs. We would like to be able to determine to what degree these guidelines actually help. To do that, we need to be able to determine when the guidelines have been followed. This is often difficult as the guidelines are often presented as heuristics or otherwise not(More)
The introduction of anthropogenic sounds into the marine environment can impact some marine mammals. Impacts can be greatly reduced if appropriate mitigation measures and monitoring are implemented. This paper concerns such measures undertaken by Exxon Neftegas Limited, as operator of the Sakhalin-1 Consortium, during the Odoptu 3-D seismic survey conducted(More)
Electronic control has brought unprecedented flexibility and complexity in the variety of ultrasonic signals and beams available from a single modern multiple-mode ultrasonic imaging system. The process of measuring the ultrasonic output of these systems is started with the identification of relevant system parameters. Because the combinations of control(More)