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BACKGROUND We present a large European population-based study of thyroid function, performed in a population with longstanding borderline sufficient iodine intake. METHODS The Nijmegen Biomedical Study is a population-based survey conducted in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Randomly selected inhabitants received a postal questionnaire on lifestyle(More)
A 24-year-old woman presented with progressive optochiasmatic arachnoiditis causing progressively worsening visual loss associated with headache and amenorrhea. Treatment with the standard initial therapy of dexamethasone, warfarin, and dipyridamole was unsuccessful at halting her disease process. Surgical lysis of adhesions led to a temporary improvement(More)
CONTEXT In male patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), testicular adrenal rest tumors are frequently found that may interfere with gonadal function. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to determine steroid-producing features of testicular adrenal rest tumors. DESIGN AND SETTING The study is descriptive and took place at a university medical center.(More)
In the present paper the IFCC WG-STFT recommends and provides the rationale to establish metrological traceability of serum free thyroxine (FT4) measurements to a candidate international conventional reference measurement procedure. It is proposed that this procedure be based on equilibrium dialysis combined with determination of thyroxine in the dialysate(More)
The obese (ob) gene product leptin, secreted from adipose tissue, acts in the hypothalamus to regulate body energy stores. In vitro experiments showed that insulin increases both leptin mRNA expression and leptin secretion by adipocytes. Here, we report on the relationship between plasma insulin and plasma leptin in a longitudinal in vivo study. In Zucker(More)
CONTEXT Premature delivery is an important risk factor for child mortality and psychiatric, metabolic, and cardiovascular disease later in life. In the majority of cases, the cause of prematurity cannot be identified. Currently, it remains controversial whether abnormal maternal thyroid function during pregnancy increases the risk of premature delivery.(More)
OBJECTIVE Reports from populations with an insufficient iodine intake suggest that children of mothers with mild iodine deficiency during pregnancy are at risk for cognitive impairments. However, it is unknown whether, even in iodine-sufficient areas, low levels of iodine intake occur that influence cognitive development in the offspring. This study(More)
The effect of a low estrogen oral contraceptive (OC) on glucocorticoid levels in plasma and saliva as well as glucocorticoid binding was studied in 23 healthy women using 30 micrograms ethinyl estradiol (EE2) + 150 micrograms desogestrel (Marvelon) (II). Fifteen healthy females with normal menses served as controls (I). Blood and salivary samples were taken(More)
In this report, we examined the impact of rest breaks and goal switches on the vigilance decrement—the change in performance with time-on-task—and subjective stress and workload. In study 1, we examined the decrement in a visual line-length discrimination task employed in previous research. The task had a linear decrement in perceptual sensitivity with(More)