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Alcohol and tobacco consumption are closely correlated and published results on their association with breast cancer have not always allowed adequately for confounding between these exposures. Over 80% of the relevant information worldwide on alcohol and tobacco consumption and breast cancer were collated, checked and analysed centrally. Analyses included(More)
<b>Motivation</b> - To investigate ways to support human-automation teams with real-world, imperfect automation where many system failures are the result of systematic failure. <b>Research approach</b> - An experimental approach was used to investigate how variance in agent reliability may influence human's trust and subsequent reliance on agent's decision(More)
This paper describes the strengths of two types of visual aids: VADS (Visualization of Agent Decision Space) and ADT (Agent Decision Table). The VADS is a newly developed visual aid that intuitively represents complicated target attributes in a graphical form, whereas the ADT shows such things in a traditional tabular form. The strengths of each visual aid(More)
Decision recommendation systems relieve operators from high cognitive-load during stressful situations. However, automation over-trust can disengage complacent operators from the task leading to lower situation awareness and inability to intervene and override incorrect recommendations. Our recent research effort was focused on a visualization of agent(More)
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