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The combined use of ozone and activated carbon has recently started to be developed for the treatment of toxic effluents. However, the effect of ozone on the properties of activated carbon is not fully elucidated. A study was undertaken of modifications in the surface properties of a commercial activated carbon produced by its ozonation during different(More)
Correlated ab initio calculations on large systems, such as the popular MP2 (or RI-MP2) method, suffer from the intramolecular basis set superposition error (BSSE). This error is typically manifested in molecules with folded structures, characterized by intramolecular dispersion interactions. It can dramatically affect the energy differences between various(More)
A new database of nucleic acid base trimers has been developed that includes 141 geometries and stabilization energies obtained at the RI-MP2 level of theory with the TZVPP basis set. Compared to previously compiled biologically oriented databases, this new construct includes considerably more complicated structures; the various intermolecular interactions(More)
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