Hayato Okumura

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With the advancement of computer technology it has been possible to determine stress distribution in bone by the finite-element method (FEM), for a pathomechanical analysis of aseptic necrosis of the femoral head. Development of aseptic necrosis of the femoral head has been considered to be coincident with ischemic changes in the bone. However, the area of(More)
It has not been verified whether allopurinol application is beneficial in decreasing the severity of radiation-induced oral mucositis and dermatitis. Rats were divided into 4 groups and received 15 Gy irradiation on the left whisker pad. Group 1 received only irradiation. Group 2 was maintained by applying allopurinol/carrageenan-mixed gel (allopurinol gel)(More)
We histochemically investigated the radioprotection of organelle in acinus on the submandibular gland using amifostine. Mice were divided into those without amifostine administration or irradiation (group A), with amifostine administration and without irradiation (group B), without amifostine and with 5 Gy of irradiation (group C), and with amifostine and 5(More)
Radiologically, widening of the joint space in the hip affected with Perthes' disease is encountered in the very early stage of the disease when no changes are yet noted in the bone. This suggests that swelling of the articular cartilage may be taking place in the affected joint. Since the intra-articular volume of a ball-and-socket joint with a deep fossa,(More)
Japan's first large lunar explorer was launched by the H-IIA(JST). This explorer named " KAGUYA (SELENE: SELenological and Engineering Explorer) " has been keenly anticipated by many countries as it represents the largest lunar exploration project of the post-Apollo program. The lunar missions that have been conducted so far have gathered a large amount of(More)
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