Hayato Dobashi

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Arabidopsis plants do not synthesize the polyamine cadaverine, a five carbon-chain diamine and structural analog of putrescine. Mutants defective in polyamine metabolic genes were exposed to exogenous cadaverine. Spermine-deficient spms mutant grew well while a T-DNA insertion mutant (pao4-1) of polyamine oxidase (PAO) 4 was severely inhibited in root(More)
OBJECTIVE Growth hormone (GH) has been reported to have a potent effect on the immune system. However, the detailed mechanism of the effect of GH on the immune system has not yet been clarified. This study was designed to investigate the nature of this mechanism. METHODS In the present study, we investigated the effects of GH on the susceptibility of both(More)
The thymus contains many apoptotic cells that arise from the process of positive and negative selection. Both thymic macrophages and thymic nurse cells/nursing thymic epithelial cells (nursing TECs), non-professional phagocytes, recognize and ingest apoptotic cells without inflammation or tissue damage. Previously we reported that human scavenger receptor(More)
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