Hayati Ishak

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The anterior loop is defined as where the mental neurovascular bundle crosses anterior to the mental foramen then doubles back to exit the mental foramen. It cannot be seen clinically but can be detected in 11-60% of panoramic radiographs. As this anatomical structure is important in determining the placement position of endosseous implants in the(More)
Mental foramen is an opening of the mental canal onto the lateral surface of the mandible. In this pilot radiographical study, in Malay population the effects of ageing towards the location and visibility of the mental foramen were determined. Most of the mental foramina were found to be located inferior to the apex of the second premolar. Non-visibility of(More)
INTRODUCTION Burn injuries are a public health concern across the world, particularly in Southeast Asia, where epidemiological data is lacking. This retrospective study was conducted to assess the epidemiology of patients with burns treated at a major referral hospital in Brunei Darussalam, with particular reference to demographics and aetiology. METHODS(More)
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