Hayamitu Adachi

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The occurrence is reported of acute myositis in a man with meningoencephalitis due to toxoplasmosis. The ultrastructure and immunohistochemistry of a muscle biopsy of the patient were investigated. Toxoplasma organisms were not found in the muscle biopsy. The perivascular inflammatory cells in the muscle were mainly CD4+ T cells and the inflammatory cells(More)
Heinz body anemia was experimentally produced in mice by phenylhydrazine injection and the mechanism of hemolysis was investigated. Both in acute and chronic experiments, the "culling" function of the spleen was more important in removing the red cells containing Heinz bodies than the "pitting" function. In addition to extravascular hemolysis, intravascular(More)
The effect of a water-soluble fraction (CEF) that was prepared from an extract of Corynebacterium equi on primary reaginic antibody formation was studied in Balb/c mice. Mice were immunized with a hapten carrier (DNP-OVA) and received intraperitoneal injections of CEF 7 and 2 days prior to, or 2 and 7 days after the immunization. PCA titers of both(More)
Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and lactic acidosis (LA) are severe metabolic acidosis which develop in diabetic alcoholic patients. The insulin deficiency and elevation of glucagon leads to increased hepatic glucose output, and induces the release of free fatty acids (FFA) from ad ipose tissue, which are associated with the development of DKA. The insulin(More)
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