Hawraa Haj-Hassan

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BACKGROUND Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cancer among men and women. Its diagnosis in early stages, typically done through the analysis of colon biopsy images, can greatly improve the chances of a successful treatment. This paper proposes to use convolution neural networks (CNNs) to predict three tissue types related to the progression of(More)
Image segmentation is a widely used in medical imaging applications by detecting anatomical structures and regions of interest. This paper concerns a survey of numerous segmentation model used in biomedical field. We organized segmentation techniques by four approaches, namely, thresholding, edge-based, region-based and snake. These techniques have been(More)
Segmentation of image is used from a long time in medical image applications and its study is increased for enhanced the medical diagnosis. This paper concerns a deformable segmentation method for abnormal cells detection by using an improved Level set model which is solved several problems and disadvantages of others segmentation technique. Our approach(More)
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