Hawlader Abdullah Al-Mamun

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Body weight (BW) is an important trait for meat production in sheep. Although over the past few years, numerous quantitative trait loci (QTL) have been detected for production traits in cattle, few QTL studies have been reported for sheep, with even fewer on meat production traits. Our objective was to perform a genome-wide association study (GWAS) with the(More)
As face recognition and facial feature based human computer interaction have become the subjects of intense focus in recent decades, facial feature extraction has emerged as a challenging task in the field of computer vision. Eye is said to be the most salient feature on face because of its versatility of appearance and expression variety. Various eye(More)
Protein structural class prediction can play a vital role in protein 3-D structure prediction by reducing the search space of 3-D structure prediction algorithms. In this paper we used support vector machine to predict protein structural class solely based of its amino acid sequences, i.e. mainly α, mainly β, α- β and fss from(More)
Knowledge of the genetic structure and overall diversity of livestock species is important to maximise the potential of genome-wide association studies and genomic prediction. Commonly used measures such as linkage disequilibrium (LD), effective population size (N e ), heterozygosity, fixation index (F ST) and runs of homozygosity (ROH) are widely used and(More)
Concerns regarding the environmental and economic impacts of excessive herbicide applications in agriculture have promoted interests in seeking alternative weed control strategies. In this context, an automated machine vision system that has the ability to differentiate between broadleaf and grass weeds in digital images to optimize the selection and dosage(More)
Multiple sequence alignment is one of the basic research areas in bioinformatics. In most cases while doing multiple sequence alignment, a totally unaligned set of sequences are used as an initial data. In this work, we have used Clustal X 2.0.11 program to process those initial data in some aligned way. Then roulette wheel selection operator is used to(More)
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