Haw-Jing Lo

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The use of floating-gate elements on analog circuits has increased over the last few years. Floating-gate transistors are been used for analog multiplication, memory storage, on-chip bias, offset removals , etc. Complex systems, such as imagers and filter arrays, use thousands to millions of programmable floating-gate elements. The programming speed and(More)
We propose a low-power, analog and mixed-mode, implementation of particle filters. Low-power analog implementation of nonlinear functions such as exponential and arctangent functions is done using multiple-input translinear element (MITE) networks. These nonlinear functions are used to calculate the probability densities in the particle filter. A(More)
We present an implementation of a 4-bit binary-weighted-resistor DAC to be used in quantizers. It is built by using tunable floating-gate CMOS resistors, which exploit the capacitive coupling and voltage storage capabilities of floating-gate transistors and employ scaled-gate linearization technique to suppress the MOSFET nonlinearities. The resistance of(More)
This paper presents a high-throughput, low-latency, hardware-efficient fixed-point implementation of the fast affine projection (FAP) algorithm. The proposed architecture utilizes reusable distributed arithmetic (RDA) in combination with optimizations in the update process to enable the coefficients to be updated in a fixed number of cycles independent of(More)
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