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The activation of cyclic nucleotide-gated (CNG) channels is a complex process comprising the initial ligand binding and a consecutive allosteric transition from a closed to an open configuration. The cone and olfactory CNG channels differ considerably in cyclic nucleotide affinity and efficacy. In each channel, the cyclic nucleotide-binding site is(More)
In many instances medicines are the most cost-effective health-care intervention in saving lives and alleviating the suffering of children in situations of public health concern. The major difference between medicines for adults and medicines for children is that use of medicines in children is much less of an evidence-based process.
We studied the role of protein degradation pathways in the regulation of insulin production and secretion and hypothesised that autophagy regulates proinsulin degradation, thereby modulating beta cell function. Proinsulin localisation in autophagosomes was demonstrated by confocal and electron microscopy. Autophagy was inhibited by knockdown of(More)
  • H Zucker
  • Zentralblatt fur Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde…
  • 1976
Undernourishment and malnutrition as well as nutritionally conditioned diseases are still the greatest risk factor for every domestic animal born. In less developed regions, overgrazing and monoculture crops pose new nutrition problems. In developed countries, animal populations are faced with new feedstuffs resulting from new technologies, with risks(More)
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