Hauke Schollmeyer

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Spider silk is well-known for its outstanding mechanical properties. However, there is a significant variation of these properties in literature and studies analyzing large numbers of silk samples to explain these variations are still lacking. To fill this gap, the following work examines the mechanical properties of major ampullate silk based on a large(More)
We report on a novel technique to nucleate nanometer-sized droplets on a solid substrate and to image them with minimal perturbation by noncontact atomic force microscopy (NC-AFM). The drop size can be accurately controlled, thus permitting hysteresis measurements. We have studied the nanoscale wettability of several methyl-terminated substrates prepared by(More)
Absolute ion concentration and its profile across polyelectrolyte multilayer films were studied. The films were prepared by alternating adsorption of polyanions and polycations from aqueous solution. Standing-wave X-ray fluorescence was used to map the ion profile. The well-studied multilayer system PSS/PAH was investigated, and bromide ions were used as(More)
Long-chain n alkanes on solid surfaces can form partially wetting liquid alkane droplets coexisting with solid multilayer terraces. We propose a diffusivelike alkane flow between terrace edge and droplet perimeter through a molecularly thin "precursorlike" film. Depending on the (uniform!) sample temperature, either droplet or terrace edge are not in(More)
A systematic evaluation of various fractal analysis methods is essential for studying morphologies of finite and noisy experimental patterns such as domains of long chain alkanes at SiO(2)/air interfaces. The derivation of trustworthy fractal dimensions crucially relies on the definition of confidence intervals for the assumed scaling range. We demonstrate(More)
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