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Sargassum muticum is a successful invasive Phaeophyte macroalga, which has colonized from Norway to the Mediterranean in Europe and from Alaska to the Bay of Mexico on the American Atlantic coast. It is also being evaluated as a commercial crop within its native range, SE Asia. Understanding its reproductive tolerance will improve our understanding of its(More)
Phaeophyte macroalgae of the genus Sargassum, including Sargassum muticum, are under investigation as a cultivation crop. Overgrowth or grazing reduces the value and productivity of the crop. This can occur both in the hatchery and during growth at sea, although juvenile stages are especially vulnerable. A decontamination protocol could be used to prevent(More)
The effect of a range of chemical disinfectants at different concentration and exposure times was investigated on five macroalgal species and the marine gastropod Littorina spp. Palmaria palmata, Osmundea pinnatifida and Ulva lactuca are commercially valuable and are often cultivated in tanks for food or feed. Ectocarpus siliculosus and Ulva intestinalis(More)
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