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We would like to highlight the application of natural products to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). We will focus on the natural products known as flavonoids, which target this disease at different stages of hepatocarcinogenesis. In spite of the use of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in treating HCC, patients with HCC still face poor prognosis because of the(More)
Extrinsic esophageal compression leading to dysphagia is an uncommon and late presentation of large thoracic aortic aneurysm named dysphagia aortica. Herein, we report an 86-year-old man who presented with 1-week duration of chest pain, backache, and dysphagia and was eventually diagnosed as dysphagia aortica. Our patient developed progressive dyspnea due(More)
Leptospirosis is recognized as a zoonotic disease that is emerging worldwide. Severe manifestations are associated with high morbidity and mortality rates and may therefore pose an important risk to public health, especially in certain high prevalence areas like Taiwan. The severe pulmonary form of leptospirosis is a lesser known entity and is characterized(More)
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