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The authors report the results of measurements of the center of mass and relative pair diffusion coefficients in quasi-one-dimensional (q1D) and quasi-two-dimensional (q2D) binary colloid suspensions. The new results extend the findings of similar studies of one-component quasi-one-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional colloid suspensions. Our principal new(More)
We report the results of experimental determinations of the triplet correlation functions of quasi-two-dimensional one-component and binary colloid suspensions in which the colloid-colloid interaction is short ranged. The suspensions studied range in density from modestly dilute to solid. The triplet correlation function of the one-component colloid system(More)
We report the results of digital video microscopy studies of the large particle displacements in a quasi-two-dimensional binary mixture of large (L) and small (S) colloid particles with diameter ratio sigma(L)/sigma(S)=4.65, as a function of the large and small colloid particle densities. As in the case of the one-component quasi-two-dimensional colloid(More)
We report the results of studies of the pair correlation function and equation of state of a quasi-one-dimensional colloid suspension, focusing attention on the behavior in the density range near close packing. Our data show that, despite deviations from true one-dimensional geometry, the colloid fluid is well described as a hard rod Tonks fluid. In our(More)
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