Hatsuki Hibi

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Since a close relationship has been suggested to exist between testicular disfunction and the increased mast cells in the testis, we used a mast cell blocker for the treatment of patients with idiopathic infestility. An infertile male with idiopathic azoospermia was treated with administration of a mast cell blocker, tranilast for one year. The patient was(More)
Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) is now widely accepted as a useful tumor marker for the diagnosis and follow-up of prostatic cancer. An elevated level of PSA has been asserted to be highly specific for prostate cancer, although patients with large benign prostate glands and those with bacterial prostatitis may also have slightly elevated levels. We measured(More)
Leukocytospermia has been associated with notable adverse effects on semen parameters and sperm function. The present study was undertaken to identify men with leukocytospermia and prostatitis in an infertility population and assess the effects of various treatments. One million white blood cells (WBC)/ml semen was defined as leukocytospermia. An expressed(More)
We examined a 32-year-old man with a 4-year history of infertility. The man's sex life, male hair pattern, and penis were normal, and he had no history of erection problems. Left and right testicular volumes were 2 ml and 3 ml, respectively. Semen analysis showed no sperm. The endocrine panel revealed increased serum luteinizing hormone and(More)
Giant hydronephrosis, which is a symptomless enlargement of the abdomen, is an extremely rare condition in adults, with most cases being discovered in young-to-middle-aged people. We report a case of adult giant hydronephrosis accompanied by renal insufficiency, in which surgical repair was not performed because of the patient's poor cardiac function.(More)
OBJECTIVES We reviewed the results of percutaneous ureteral incisions for ureteroenteroanastomotic stricture using the holmium laser. METHODS We performed this procedure through a 6.9-F flexible ureteroscope on 3 ureters in 3 patients. Balloon dilation was not necessary prior to insertion of the ureteroscope. The stricture was incised with the holmium(More)
Liposarcomas in the scrotum are relatively rare and only 40 cases have previously been reported in Japan. The inside wall of the scrotum is an unusual origin and we report here two cases arising at this site that have been followed for 21 and 40 months, respectively, after surgical resection. Case 1: the patient was a 24-year-old male who noticed a left(More)
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