Hatice Ozlem Nisbet

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UNLABELLED  Aim. To evaluate the effects of three types of honey (chestnut, blossom, and rhododendron) on the healing of full-thickness wounds. METHODS Twenty-four (24) New Zealand White female rabbits were used. Four 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm full-thickness skin wounds were created on the back of each animal and treated with pure honey or sterile saline,(More)
This case study reports the outcome of dorsal and ventral stabilisation of a traumatic cervical instability in a dog. A 2-year-old, male Pointer was admitted following a motor vehicle accident. Clinical examination revealed non-ambulatory tetraparesis, severe neck pain and upper motor neuron changes in all limbs. Deep pain response was present. Subluxation(More)
Fractures of the distal humerus are divided into distal diaphyseal, supracondylar, unicondylar, intracondylar and epicondylar fractures. In a review of 130 humeral fractures, 46.6% of the fractures occured in the distal humerus [1]. In another study of 129 distal humeral fractures in dogs, 29.5% were supracondylar fractures [2]. The difference between(More)
CASE DESCRIPTION Two calves with unilateral congenital flexural and torsional limb deformities below the hock joint of the left hindlimb were presented to Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the Ondokuz Mayis University. According to clinical, goniometric and radiological examinations, flexural (130°-40°) and torsional (90°-180°) deformities were diagnosed.(More)
OBJECTIVE To report use of semicircular external skeletal fixators (ESF) for management of femoral fractures in dogs. STUDY DESIGN Prospective clinical study. ANIMALS Dogs (n=16) with femoral fractures (n=18). METHODS A semicircular ESF system composed of 6-hole 45° or 5-hole 40° carbon-fiber arches, 6 mm threaded rods, half pin fixation bolts, 6 mm(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of whole-body electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure on growth plates in growing male rats. Two groups of rats were exposed to either 900 MHz EMF or 1800 MHz EMF 2 h/day for 90 days. Sham control rats were kept under similar conditions without exposure to the EMF. The rats in the EMF group experienced a(More)
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