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The plant considered in this paper is a web system with winder, traction motor and unwinder. Transport system dynamics change dramatically due to the wide variation in roll radii and inertia. The effect of these changes is reduced by gain scheduling control. Industrial systems typically use decentralized PID controllers. In this paper, the authors present(More)
—This letter presents a new approach for hyperspectral image visualization based on high-dynamic-range (HDR) image processing. The proposed approach is inspired by techniques that are used to display HDR images on low-dynamic-range media by reducing the contrast, yet preserving the image detail. This is the first time this concept is utilized for the(More)
Age, growth and reproductive properties of an invasive species Carassius gibelio Abstract Background and Purpose: The Prussian carp Carassius gibelio is well known as a hazardous fish species for native fish communities. Ikizcetepeler Dam Lake inhabits some fish species as Cyprinus carpio, Leuciscus cephalus, and Barbus species. The dam lake has major(More)
Hyperspectral imaging captures a high number of spectrally narrow bands and provides advantages for image analysis applications such as identification and classification in particular. However, for the visual inspection of hyperspectral images, the data is conventionally converted to a standard color image format. It is important that as much detail and(More)
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