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Spectrum Sensing is an important functionality of Cognitive Radio (CR). Accuracy and speed of estimation are the key indicators to select the appropriate spectrum sensing technique. In this paper, we focus on spectrum sensing of narrowband wireless microphone (WM) signals using the modified periodogram and Welch method for different window types. It is(More)
Spectrum sensing has been identified as a key enabling functionality to ensure that cognitive radios would not interfere with the primary user, which are the Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial (DVB-T) receivers. This paper deals with spectrum sensing techniques used for efficient utilization of the limited spectrum resources. The most used technique(More)
In recent years, the professional wireless audio transmission systems such as Program Making andSpecial Event (PMSE) devices have been risen causing the need for a higher spectrum efficiency. Cognitive radio (CR) paradigm has been proposed to maximize the audio quality and ensuring interference free operation all the time. The motivation to a reliable(More)
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