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In this paper, we propose a multi objective stochastic model with linear partial information on probability distribution (MSPLI) for portfolio selection problem. We apply an extended chance constrained compromise programming approach to obtain the deterministic equivalent of the MSPLImodel.
In this paper we address the Stochastic Airport Bus Routing Problem (SABRP) where the availability of customers in the meeting points is randomly generated. We solve the problem by utilizing the stochastic programming recourse approach. The objective of our model is to minimize the cost of regular bus tours and the recourse cost when special taxis tours(More)
In this paper, we propose a nonlinear integer program to model a path planning for a single airborne search asset in a continuous space and time for a fixed time period, through a connected space. The intent is to maximize the detection of a cooperative target (e.g., search and rescue). The proposed model is based on the assumption of existing a priori(More)
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