Hatem M Titi

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This study targets the construction of porphyrin assemblies directed by halogen bonds, by utilizing a series of purposely synthesized Sn(axial ligand)2-(5,10,15,20-tetraarylporphyrin) [Sn(L)2-TArP] complexes as building units. The porphyrin moiety and the axial ligands in these compounds contain different combinations of complimentary molecular recognition(More)
The structure of 1-benzofuran-2,3-dicarboxylic acid (BFDC), C(10)H(6)O(5), (I), exhibits an intramolecular hydrogen bond between one -COOH group and the other, while the second carboxyl function is involved in intermolecular hydrogen bonding to neighbouring species. The latter results in the formation of flat one-dimensional hydrogen-bonded chains in the(More)
We report on the synthesis of a new metal-organic framework (MOF) composed of Sn(OCH3)2-tetrakis(pyridin-4-yl)porphyrin linkers, Cu(+) connecting nodes and [CuCl2](-) counter-ions, namely poly[[bis(methanolato-κO)[μ5-5,10,15,20-tetrakis(pyridin-4-yl)porphyrin-κ(8)1κN(5):1'κN(10):1''κN(15):1'''κN(20):2κ(4)N(21),N(22),N(23),N(24)]copper(I)tin(II)](More)
Crystals of bis(pyridine-3-carboxylato)[tetrakis(4-iodophenyl)porphyrinato]tin(IV) dimethylformamide sesquisolvate, [Sn(C44H24I4N4)(C6H4NO2)2]·1.5C3H7NO, (I), and bis(pyrimidine-5-carboxylato)[tetrakis(4-iodophenyl)porphyrinato]tin(IV) dimethylformamide sesquisolvate, [Sn(C44H24I4N4)(C5H3N2O2)2]·1.5C3H7NO, (II), exhibit interporphyrin iodine-iodine halogen(More)
We report the synthesis of the 2,2'-[2,5-bis(carboxymethoxy)-1,4-phenylene]diacetic acid (TALH(4)) ligand and the structures of its adducts with ammonium, namely diammonium 2,2'-[2,5-bis(carboxymethyl)-1,4-phenylenedioxy]diacetate, 2NH(4)(+).C(14)H(12)O(10)(2-), (I), lanthanum, namely(More)
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