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The goal of this paper is to develop a matching technique for sonar and underwater images where it is used for a range of applications including stereo vision, classification of sonar images, underwater image registration and mosaicing,..., etc. The paper presents a novel scheme to improve the performance of image matching algorithms using a combination of(More)
This paper presents a complete approach for automatic detection and classification of pulmonary nodules through applying several techniques on chest CT images. The proposed approach starts by multi segmentation techniques followed by nodule extraction and then classification of the extracted features. The first step of is the preprocessing by converting the(More)
Software Product Line aims at improving productivity and decrease realization times by gathering the analysis, design and implementation activities of a family of systems. Evaluating the quality attributes for SPL architectures is very crucial especially architecture maintainability as SPL are expected to have longer lifetime span. Aspect-orientation offers(More)
Fast classification of a target according to RCS signals is important for many applications. In this paper, we describe the use of the Neural Networks for object classification using collected RCS real data from radar system. Our collected RCS polar plots for 3 ship classes are applied to NNs. This paper proposes three models of three layered feed-forward(More)
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