Hatem Garrab

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Design of integrated power systems requires prototype-less approaches. Accurate simulations are necessary for analysis and verification purposes. Simulation relies on component models and associated parameters. The paper focuses on a step-by-step extraction procedure for the design parameters of a one-dimensional finite-element-method (FEM) model of the PiN(More)
The exploitation of silicon carbide semiconductor devices in power electronic field have made exceptional improvements by their fast switching and low dissipated losses especially at high operating temperatures, However, physical performances of silicon power components have reached their limits. This paper presents a comparative study, through numerical(More)
The study of the behavior of a power device operating in a power circuit while considering its interactions with the studied circuit remains a very important step in the power circuit design. The base drive has a primary order effect on the switching speed during the turn-off phase of power bipolar junction transistors. Hence, we will focus in this paper,(More)
Some power applications require use of high frequency converters running with thyristor components as controlled interrupters. However, the so-called turn off time (Tq) of silicon thyristors have very large values, limiting thus the operating frequency of these converters. Owing to silicon carbide material performances, it is intended to replace the silicon(More)
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