Hatem Ali Elaydi

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With the growth of the multimedia and cellular technology over the past decades, the demand for digital information increases dramatically. This enormous demand poses difficulties for the current technology to handle speech compression. One approach to overcome this problem is to compress the information by removing the redundancies present in it. This is a(More)
previous efforts to solve linear and nonlinear deadbeat control systems, a need still exists for better methodology in terms of performance and stability. This paper proposes a new design methodology for deadbeat control of nonlinear systems in discrete-time. The proposed methodology is based on partitioning the solution into two components; each with(More)
Many universities and institutes experience difficulty in training people to work with expensive equipments. A common problem faced by educational institutions concerns the limited availability of expensive robotics equipments, with which students in the didactic program can work, in order to acquire valuable “ha nds on” experience. Therefore,(More)
Controlling robot manipulators is challenging due to their nonlinearity nature. PID control is still the benchmark control in industry due to its simplicity. Nonlinear control techniques are very complex and are not attractive. However, fuzzy control is more attractive and provides good performance. This paper p combines fuzzy control with PID control to(More)
Robot manipulators are nonlinear systems, so it needs online tuning and monitoring during process control. Proportional integral derivative (PID) control and fuzzy logic control (FLC) are good controllers in industrial applications. Therefore it is a good idea to combine between the two controllers to form a fuzzy supervisory control (FSC) to overcome the(More)
Controlling robot manipulator is essential problem to guarantee the robot execute the desired task with minimum error. This paper presents a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) for manipulating 5DOF robot arm based on independent joint control method. The proposed controller design aims to overcome the drawbacks of classical PID controller. The simulation is done(More)
The design of multivariable ripple-free deadbeat controllers is a complex task. One approach which has shown promise for solving multivariable ripple-free deadbeat control (MRFDC) problems is the use of Diophantine equation parameters. The problem of solving robust multivariable ripple free deadbeat with time delays has not been solved. This paper proposes(More)
Palmprint recognition has emerged as a valid biometric based personal identification tool. Palmprints with high resolution features such minutia points, ridges and singular points or low resolution features such as wrinkles and principals determine their applications. In this paper a 700nm spectral band PolyU hyperspectral palmprint database is utilized and(More)
Palmprint recognition is gaining grounds as a biometric system for forensic and commercial applications. Palmprint recognition addressed the recognition issue using low and high resolution images. This paper uses PolyU hyperspectral palmprint database, and applies back-propagation neural network for recognition, linear discriminate analysis for(More)