Hasyma Abu Hassan

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OBJECTIVE To compare the clinical value of positron emission tomography (PET) using fludeoxyglucose F 18, computed tomography (CT), color-coded duplex sonography (CCDS), and panendoscopy in the detection and staging of head and neck cancer. DESIGN Prospective nonrandomized controlled study. SETTING Medical school. PATIENTS Convenience sample of 50(More)
In humans, acquired copper deficiency anemia is rare. This report describes a 58-yr-old man with metal pica, especially coins, who presented with symptomatic anemia. His workup led to the diagnosis of zinc-induced copper deficiency. We believe that, in this man, leaching of zinc from pennies explained the clinical and laboratory findings. This case(More)
Sudden death is the sudden and unexpected death of an individual within 24 hours of symptom onset. The vast majority of these cases are found, at autopsy, to be due to underlying ischaemic cardiac disease. We retrospectively reviewed all adult post mortems performed at Beaumont Hospital over a decade (1999-2008). Our aim was to identify all sudden death(More)
Over the past 60 years, the epidemiology of gastric adenocarcinoma has changed considerably. The most striking change in the epidemiology of gastric adenocarcinoma has been the rapid increase in cancers of the proximal stomach. We performed a retrospective analysis of all gastric adenocarcinomas diagnosed at two hospitals in Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A.,(More)
  • H A Hassan
  • 1999
The author reports a case of oral contraceptive-induced mesenteric venous thrombosis with resultant intestinal ischemia in a young woman. The relationship between mesenteric venous thrombosis and oral contraceptives is discussed. Twenty-six other cases of oral contraceptive-related mesenteric venous thrombosis reported in the English literature are reviewed.
BACKGROUND Multiple primary tumors can lead to diagnostic and therapeutical problems. In this study we surveyed frequency, localisation, diagnostic, chronologic and therapeutic aspects of multiple primary carcinomas in patients with head and neck tumors. PATIENTS AND METHODS The data of 843 patients from the tumor registry of the ENT-clinic Aachen were(More)
BACKGROUND Mesenteric venous thrombosis is an uncommon but often lethal form of intestinal ischemia. METHODS We reviewed pertinent literature on mesenteric venous thrombosis using MEDLINE search. RESULTS We found that previous abdominal surgery and hypercoagulable states are the most common conditions associated with mesenteric venous thrombosis. The(More)
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