Hassina Seridi

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Recommender Systems (RSs) are largely used nowadays to generate interest items or products for web users. This paper proposed a novel recommendation technique based on fuzzy logic that combines a collaborative filtering and taxonomic based filtering together to make better quality recommendations as well as alleviate Stability/ Plasticity problem in RSs.(More)
In this paper we present an original approach to improve the search of web resources tagged with folksonomies. We argue that the semantics in folksonomies can be extracted from the force of the community effect and the social interactions between the members of a community. Our approach called SSF for Semantic Social Folksonomy tackle the problem of(More)
In these recent years, the social semantic web has recognized a real attention by the majority of researchers in the world. We propose in this paper an original approach concerning a powerful technology which has recognized a great success in the social web area, we talk about folksonomies. The aim of our contribution is to provide another view about the(More)
Many researchers have shown the good effects of collaborative learning. This learning strategy aims at providing learners, who are grouped in small groups, with some tools for increasing their cognitive and behavioral profiles. In CSCL (Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning) environments, knowledge construction appears through the interaction among(More)
For facilitating the use of e learning environments by teachers, we have proposed an approach that aid them to propose documents for learners taking in account their preferences and abilities, so allowing the personalization of these environments. This approach combines a pedagogical scenario design approach [1], using one of most used modelling languages(More)
Real-time agent based systems are characterized by their complexity in which several skills are required in all development process stages. Specially, the communication between the different development groups is a vital task. The graphical specifications play an interesting role in understanding system aspects. In this paper we propose the transformation(More)
Collaborative learning is not always effective; its effects depend on the richness and intensity of interaction between students during the collaboration [1]. This collaboration is structured using collaborative scripts. Hence, the design of these Scripts is not trivial; it requires information on learners and on their interaction. We believe that when(More)
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