Hassen Karray

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Mixed-criticality systems have become a mainstream in industry and research due to their potential to decrease, size, weight, and power. Often research institutions and industry interpret the term 'mixed criticality' differently. Hence research approaches and solutions are hard to deploy to industry. This paper discusses the background, the current state of(More)
Nowadays the majority of TV channels are performing digitization of their archival materials. The digitization enhances preservation of records and makes the access to documents easier. However, when the quantity of documents become important the digitization is not enough to insure an efficient access. Indeed, we need to extract semantic information to(More)
The progress of silicon integration has led to the ability to integrate complex systems on a single die. Integration of different application software components on a distributed system-on-chip can be demanding unless one follows a structural system integration approach with architectural support by hardware. The ACROSS Multi-Processor System-on-Chip(More)
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