Hassard Sempeera

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BACKGROUND HIV testing is a key component of prevention and an entry point into HIV/AIDS treatment and care however, coverage and access to testing remains low in Uganda. Home-Based HIV Counseling and Testing (HBHCT) has potential to increase access and early identification of unknown HIV/AIDS disease. This study investigated the level of acceptance of(More)
BACKGROUND In Uganda, the risk of unintended pregnancies and unsafe abortions remains high due to relatively low contraceptive use. There is paucity of data on knowledge, attitudes, perceptions and practices towards modern contraceptives and, sexual and reproductive health especially among the young female university students. METHODS A survey was(More)
Contact investigation remains an essential component of tuberculosis (TB) control, yet missed opportunities to trace, medically examine, and treat close contacts of newly diagnosed index TB cases persist. We report a new case of active TB in a 21 year-old woman who was a household contact of a known TB index case in Kampala, Uganda. She was identified(More)
REVIEW QUESTION/OBJECTIVE The objective of this review is to systematically identify, appraise and synthesize the best available evidence on the effect of family planning counseling during antenatal care attendance on postpartum contraceptive uptake.The review question is, what is the effect of family planning counseling during antenatal care attendance on(More)
1) Background Second sentence; ......uptake of HIV testing remains low in Uganda. This statement is not accurate. It is actually coverage of HIV testing that is low whereas uptake is high in the different settings if the HIV test is available and readily offered. Response: This sentence has been corrected to indicate that coverage is low, the sentence reads(More)
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