Hassana Hsein

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Whey protein is a natural polymer recently used as an excipient in buccoadhesive tablets but its mucoadhesive properties were barely studied. In this work, we characterize mucoadhesion of whey protein in order to determine the mechanisms and optimal conditions for use as excipient in oral drug delivery. Thus, native and denatured whey protein (NWP and DWP)(More)
From February 1984 to February 1988, 258 cases of various kinds of tremor were seen in our movement disorder clinic. Among them, 146 cases (57%) were diagnosed as essential tremor, and of these, 96 (65.8%) were males and 50 (34.2%) were females, ranging in age from 14 to 89 years (mean: 36 years). The main tremor occurred in the hands (100%), and in a few(More)
In the sphere of drug delivery, denatured whey protein (DWP) has in recent times gained press. However, to date, no scalable and affordable dosage form has been developed. The objective of our study was to evaluate the potential use of spray-dried DWP as a ready to use excipient for oral drug delivery. Therefore, solid state, FTIR spectra and wettability(More)
In the routine analysis of patients with tremors, we have the routine analysis of patients with tremors, we have encountered three patients with severe cerebellar postural & kinetic tremors. Surface EMG study revealed alternating activity in antagonistic muscles with low frequency (3-5 cps) and wide duration (over 125msecs). They were different to typical(More)
In earlier study, we proposed denatured whey protein (DWP) powder obtained by atomization as a new excipient to promote oral drug delivery. In this work, we evaluate the possibility to formulate tablets based on DWP powders and to characterize their role as a matrix mucoadhesive excipient. Tablets containing increased amount of DWP (10 to 30%) were produced(More)
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